Lab automation solution


Cobotic's patent pending Microbiology Automation Solution is a system for microbiology sample processing.

The system performs automated specimen processing for microbiology. It provides planting and plate streaking of samples, distributing a specified volume of the sample in a streaking pattern on a petri dish. The system is based on a YuMi® robot that performs the operations in a similar manner to a human lab technician.

We aim to

  • Bring the power and flexibility of collaborative robots to microbiology;
  • Ensure repeatable and accurate sample processing, enabling high quality diagnostics with full traceability;
  • Provide hygienic solutions eliminating risks for contamination of samples and infection of operators.

Product overview

Product features

1. Full traceability of samples

2. Inoculation loops remain sterile until point of use (Patent Pending)

3. YuMi® accurately distributes the sample on the petri dish

4. Versatile space saving petri dish feeding solution (Patent Pending)